Dance is life…

Posted: January 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Ever since I can remember I have been dancing. Growing up in dance, I maintained a high level of physical activity as a child and, while the health benefits were never my motivation for dancing, they were a welcome benefit.  Dance was, simply put, a natural part of my expression.  However, dance has only truly become meaningful to my life in the last few years.  It has went from a simple pass time, to a complete passion.  This is what I think is so special about dance, or the arts in general; Art has the ability to go from a simple movement of the body, stroke of a brush, or musical pattern and transform into a product that can inspire you.  Moreover, dance in particular has the unique trait of exemplifying physicality, emotions, and thinking ability, making it a holistic activity.  Dance is everything; it is all around us everyday, wherever we go.  It is in the leaves as they blow in the wind; it is in the movement of the cars as they pass you on the road; it is even in the everyday movements we do as we get out bed in the morning.  This is part of what makes dance so great! Everyone is capable of dancing!


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