Two sides of the same coin…

Posted: February 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

In the world of physical education, I have found that the focus usually falls solely on sports.  This leaves dance on the bottom of the physical education hierarchy and, as a result, is often forgotten or ignored.

“Dance is an art, not a sport”  This is often what I find people think about dance.  Through this type of mentally, dance is often left to the art education instructors to teach.  In reality, dance is an art; but it is also a physical activity.  This means that there are two sides of dance that need to be shown through these two related, but very different subjects.

In the world of art, dance takes a more artistic form.  Educators should focus on the creation and performing of dance, as well as interpreting and responding to pieces seen.

However, if physical education is the focus, the emphasis changes from dance creation to dance and its benefits toward our health.

This is not to say that physical education should not be creative and that art class cannot promote health, because the two are very closely linked, but depending on the focus and goal of your course, subject area, or study the type of dance activities you use will change.


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