Waking me up…

Posted: March 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

I love dancing.  One of the reasons that I love dancing so much is the fact that it has the ability to wake you up and invigorate your body and mind.  After every dance class, no matter how hard or easy, I feel so full of life.  In addition, I find dance class makes you feel more self confident.  Just the other day, I woke up early Sunday morning to go to class.  I was tired like most people would be early Sunday morning, but I found that my dance class woke me up!  In fact, it invigorated me so much that I felt motivated to go home and finish my homework (no I am not just making this up).  I wrote 2 essays that day…

In the end, I think a little physical activity can go a long way.  Whether it is dance or another form, being physical is beneficial to the body, mind, soul, and potentially your school grades as well.


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