Easy Warm-ups

Mirror, Mirror

Description: Partners face each other.  One partner leads non-locomotor actions and the other partner mirrors.  Change leaders and repeat.

Copy Cat

Description:  Basically the same idea as “Mirror, Mirror” except locomotion is permitted.

Zip, Zap, Zop

Description:  Students stand in a circle.  One person starts and points at random to another person in the circle and says “Zip!”. Without hesitation, that person who was just “zipped” must immediately point to another person and say “Zap!”.  Again, that person must then immediately turn to another person and say “Zop!”.

Continue until someone makes a mistake.

*** Can add movements to this game if desired.  For example:

One person points at random to another person in the circle and says “Zip!”.  That person must immediately drop to a squat, pop up again, and “Zap” someone.  That “zapped” person must do a spin and then “Zop” someone.  Lastly, the “zopped” people must balance on one foot.

You can create any rules or movements that you would like.

Cat and Mouse

Description:  Students are scattered in the available space.  Remind them of their “bubble” of personal space.  Ask the students how mice move.  Practice moving like mice to light sounding music.  Then ask how cats that may be hunting for mice might move.  Practice moving like a prowling cat to harder rhythmical music.  Divide the students into two groups (mice and cats).  When the “mice” music is played the mice move around the space and the cats are frozen.  When the “cat” music is played the cats are to move and the mice are frozen.  Repeat.

Make transition and pause time quicker and quick so that the students must really listen for the music to change.

*** Can use any other animal or action to play this game

Walk Through the Jungle

Description:  Students are scattered around the space.  Teacher talks the students through the activity by presenting the students with situations that they are to act out.

“We are walking through the jungle” –begin walking on the spot

“The trees are thick it is hard to get through”

“We come to a brook. How can we get over it?”

“We get to the other side to find a huge rocky hill to climb”

“Uh oh, our path is blocked by some trees. What do we do?”

” We are at a large puddle.  We tip toe through the water”

“But then we get stuck in the mud”

“It begins to rain”

“We continue to walk until we see something glowing in the distance.  It is a tiger! Run!”

“We jump over a large log and hide in a small cave to get away.”

So on… This activity can go as long or as short as you would like.



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