My entire goal with this project was to do something that I enjoyed and discover the benefits in relation to myself and education.  My initial focus was on running.  I began my running process just fine, but when it came down to finding time to run in between my dancing, school, and working schedules, I found that I had zero time to start something new.  This is why I changed my focus to dancing.  It was something that I was already doing, therefore it fit into my schedule.  In addition, dance is something that I am truly passionate about.  While focusing my project around dancing, I realized that many of the experiences I had during my classes could be related to education, physical education and the arts in particular.  Throughout my blogs, I wrote down the things that I was inspired with while participating in one my dance classes.  These blogs include tips, discoveries, problems, and overall experiences and feelings.   In order to build upon my thoughts through out this project, I developed a package of activities that any educator could use to begin teaching a unit in dance education.  I based the activities I chose around the feelings and experiences I had in my dance classes.  I tried to keep the activities very gender neutral in hopes that boys would enjoy participating as well (one of my blogs is focused on this).  Moreover, I have suggested a few quick and easy warm-ups that are an essential part of any dance class.  My overall goal was to begin to prepare myself, and hopefully others, to take the idea of dance education and run with it instead of shying away.  Dance resources are often hard to find, especially on the internet.  There is just not a lot that is available and appropriate for young students.  By putting a few resources and ideas together, I am hoping I am setting myself up down the road of success in the complex area of dance education.


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